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  • Hunting for the Ruby Lightsaber
  • March 6th, 2012 01:37
  • A true Jedi does not become a knight until s/he constructs a lightsaber of their own. In order to do this successfully one must hunt down the proper components for the construction of said device. Ok, so I’m on a new hunt now. I’ve got two weeks before the next class of cadets for Code Academy begins training. Two weeks I want to spend focusing on Ruby. Just plain Ruby, all the time. I want my Ruby Lightsaber. And I’m hunting for its components now. 
    So I’m starting this hunt for the Ruby Lightsaber by collecting the following components.

    0. Finish “tryruby.org
    1. Do the Ruby Koans
    2. Read “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine
    3. Read “Programming Ruby” by Dave Thomas
    4. Project Euler

    About Tryruby.org:
    Oh, this was fun. Nicely done website in honor of Why the Lucky Stiff’s Poignant guide to Ruby. It only takes 15 to 20 mins to complete.

    About Ruby Koans:
    Ok so far I’ve completed the Ruby Koans and what I can tell you is that it is basically a system designed to give you an overview of what Ruby is shaped like. It is a meditation on Ruby. You enter a room you are instructed to press a button. A specific light turns on. You do this a series of times and get different results based on what switch or switches you press. It’s kinda like that..most of the time. There are about three actual projects where you have to really think hard about what to do. Here you will have to write code using the concepts you where exposed to previously to solve a problem. Koans takes about a week to complete.

    About “Learn to Program”:
    A fun read for the beginning programmer. I would highly recommend doing the exercises at the end of the chapters. The author is kinda funny to read and his humor helped me enjoy reading the text more. The real core of the text is only 150 pages. The author himself then leads you to the PickAxe book…

    About “Programming Ruby”:
    And here is where I am now…more to come soon on this.